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Rocky River resident, Chef/Owner Christian Barnes love of cooking started when he was 8 years old; standing in his Italian grandmother's kitchen. His most vivid memory of this time was watching her throw Parmesan in these made-from-scratch masterpieces and declaring, "Everything is better with Parmesan!!" From that moment on, he was hooked. While other kids his age were out playing in the yard, Christian was by his grandmother and aunts side soaking up the Italian way of cooking. It would take him nearly 3 decades to completely transition into a life in the the kitchen but his love of all things food never wavered. He completed culinary school, a life long dream, right here in Cleveland at ICASI and has worked in several local kitchens. Having 4 young children, his standards for food quality have become even higher and he is committed to using local, fresh ingredients; creating a delicious and nutritious menu.  So why hot dogs? Well, growing up in Chicago, his dad would often take him for a dog on Saturday's after working in the warehouse, a time he remembers fondly. Shortly after moving to Rocky River he was looking to carry on the tradition and searched for a hot dog joint to take his own son. Surprisingly, he couldn't find one close and the idea took off from there. In 2018 we closed our Rocky River location and focused on our food truck business, adding our new CLE Chicken Truck featuring hand breaded tenders with homemade sauces, wings, wraps, and poutine. You can also find River Dogs at Food Truck Alley in Brunswick next to Scene 75. Wherever you see our name you can be assured we are only using high quality ingredients, without the use of chemicals and preservatives whenever possible.

Food Truck alley - River Dog Express AND SUGAR SUGAR

3674 Center Road, Brunswick, Ohio 44212​

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